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Our Managing Staff Includes:

Mike Jones

800-382-3113 ext 101

Owner Managing Partner

Steve Hudson

800-382-3113 ext 102

Owner Managing Partner

Henry Gross

800-382-3113 ext 105

Owner Managing Partner / Engineering

Dianne Hulse

800-382-3113 ext 111

Office Manager

James Ross

800-382-3113 ext 104


Phil Ducker

800-382-3113 ext 109

Production Manager

Ron Johnson

800-382-3113 ext 108

Purchasing / Installation Scheduling Manager

Tom May

800-382-3113 ext 106

Quality Control
Scott Wilburn

800-382-3113 ext 103

Service / Tech support
Chris Luffman

800-382-3113 ext 115

Service / Tech support
Linda Hawkins 800-382-3113 ext 116 Engineering/Production Secretary
Will Hudson 800-382-3113 ext 114 Product Marketing Manager / Sales

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Due to overwhelming Spam mail we have removed most E-mail addresses from our website.  If you send E-mail and get no response you might call to insure your mail was not killed by our spam blocking software.