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List of Schools Done by Hydro-Temp

Richardsville Elementary
Bowling Green Kentucky

Richardsville Elementary is designed to be the Nations' first net-zero energy public school.  Net-zero means the school will produce the same amount of energy it uses on an annual basis.  (Click here for more details)

This 72,285 square foot school was built to contain 550 students and completed in September of 2010.
Hydro-Temp equipment is used to Heat, Cool, and provide all the hot water needs.





Fayette High School

Until Richardsville Lowest Documented Energy Consumption of any School in the Nation


This 36,080 square foot school in Fayette, Missouri was built in 2002. The electrical consumption of the heating and cooling equipment for the building, as well as the generation of hot water for the kitchen was sub metered by Howard Electric Coop. The results of this monitoring indicate the lowest documented energy consumption per square foot, for the above usage, anywhere in this country.
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    The Thayer School district  had a common problem, the need for a new school  building and a shortage of funds to build it.  Another concern was the cost of heating and cooling this new structure.  Fortunately, the school superintendent, Bill Garrison, had experienced the comfort and utility savings of a Hydro-Temp Earth Coupled Heat Pump in his home since the summer of 1995.
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