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Hydro-Temp's Residential Products and Options
Complete Product Manual available upon request


Today’s value conscious homeowner is always striving for the best value for their hard earned dollar.  When it comes to choosing a home comfort system, it is often difficult to know what products are good values.

Hydro-Temp…and Comfort

A Hydro-Temp system with load matching technology ensures comfort.  Paired compressors or the new V-Star compressor (see video below to learn more about this innovative new Bristol compressor) offer three stages of heating and cooling capacities to provide continuous operation, matched to the heating and cooling requirements of your home.  The blower capacity is matched to your home, using GE’s ECM™ motor technology.  No more hot and cold spots in your home.

Newest variable speed compressor (click on image to start video.  May take a minute or so to load)

Hydro-Temp…and Efficiency

Over two-thirds of the heat put into your home by a Hydro-Temp system is available at no cost from the ground around your house.  ECM™ blower motors are a standard feature of the Hydro-Temp system, and features such as demand hot water and load matching technology further enhances the system efficiency.


Hydro-Temp…and the Environment

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report stated that a geothermal system is the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system available today.  This includes the latest high efficiency gas equipment and high efficiency air conditioners available.  It also stated that the multi-speed compressor systems, ECM™ blower motors and units capable of producing domestic hot water increase the overall efficiency of the system and are now the best environmental choice. Source: “Space Conditioning: The Next Frontier” EPA 403-R-93-004.


Hydro-Temp…and Safety

A Hydro-Temp system eliminates many worries about your family’s safety.  Clean electricity powers the system, no fossil fuels are burned, and carbon monoxide is not produced by the system.  Precious oxygen is not taken from the home to burn a fuel.  The danger of explosion is eliminated.


Hydro-Temp…and Cost

The benefit of comfort, efficiency, safety and even protection of the environment provided by a Hydro-Temp system becomes irrelevant if the cost of installation is perceived as too high.

However, on a monthly basis, the real cost of purchasing and operating a Hydro-Temp system is typically less than a conventional heating and cooling system.  Contact us to allow us to explain further what the system can do for you in your home.


Options include:











WATER SOURCE HEAT PUMPS (Standard Heat and Air):

Available in 1/2 ton increments from 1 to 50 tons. 

Compressor Options: Single, Dual or fully variable

Water Source Option: Well Water or Closed Loop.

Coil Size Options: Standard or Oversized.

Zone Damper Controller: (Standard on most systems)

Hot Water Heating Options: Desuperheater or Priority.

Configuration Options: Vertical, Horizontal, or Split.

Air Flow Direction: Up-flow, Horizontal Flow, or Counter Flow.

Variable Speed Blower: Programmable ECM Blower to Match compressor speeds.

Strip Heat Options: 5 KW or 10 KW.

KWH meter: Standard Equipment

Thermostat Options

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Compressor Options:

-Single Compressor
: A single compressor system normally includes a single Bristol Compressor. In 1993, Hydro-Temp began producing all of its units with the Bristol Compressors.  A hermetically sealed compressor with internal thermal protection, this compressor was selected over the reciprocating compressor because of its reliability, heating capacity, and efficiency.

-Dual Compressors:  A dual compressor system normally consists of both a small and a large Bristol Compressor.  This unique design allows the unit to provide three stages of heating and cooling:  stage one uses only the small compressor, stage two uses only the large compressor, and stage three employs both compressors at the same time.  Dual compressors run on the same refrigeration circuit, allowing the small and large compressor to run on coils sized for both compressors -- resulting in increased efficiency.  Hydro-Temp Corporation is the only manufacturer in the United States to produce a three stage ground source heat pump.  The unit's capacity will vary depending upon a particular structure's needs.  The three stage unit is particularly suited large homes where different loads are required for different zones.  For example in the cooling mode the zones on the upper floors will require more cooling then the lower zones or basement zones.  This type of unit has provided electric utilities with a system that is beneficial to their load control programs and customers with the most efficient heating and cooling system on the market today.

-V-Star Fully Variable Compressors: This residential and commercial compressor is available in three compressor tonnages and available for single and three phase applications. 

2.5 Ton - Variable from 10790 BTU - 32171 BTU
4.0 Ton - Variable from 17081 BTU - 52038 BTU
6.0 Ton - Variable from 27305 BTU - 80056 BTU

Being variable allows the Hydro-Temp system to equally match to load of the demand needs and prevent inefficient short cycling of the equipment which in turn maximizes comfort and lowers noise levels.  The compressor will vary depending on the relation of the space temperature verses the set point.  Then in most systems the variable ECM Blower motor will vary to achieve a discharge air set point of 55 degree in cooling or 100 degree in heat. 

The V-star compressor utilizes no compressor contactor nor capacitors which are the most common service replacement items in other HVAC equipment.

see video below to learn more about this innovative new Bristol compressor
(Click on image below to start V-star video)

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Water Source Options:

-Well Water System:
A well water system uses ground water at an approximate temperature of 55 to 60° F as a heat exchange medium.  At this temperature, the system uses approximately one gallon of water per ton of equipment.  A Hydro-Temp unit will absorb heat from the water when in the heating mode and transfer heat to the water when in the cooling mode.  To conserve water while saving the customer money, the pressure regulating water valves shut the water off when not in use.  When employing this type of system, it is necessary to have a quality water source capable of meeting your particular application's water demand needs.

-Closed Loop System: A closed loop system requires approximately 500 feet of high-density polyethylene pipe per ton of equipment to be buried six feet under the ground.  If space is a problem, these loops may be buried vertically by drilling straight down to a depth that will depend upon the location's geology.  Once the pipe has been installed, it is then filled with a water and antifreeze solution, which will be circulated over and over again by a 1/6 horsepower pump.  A common problem with this type of system is that, after operating for a few days, air trapped within the loop works its way up to the system's highest point--the pump.  As a result, the pump will air lock and quickly burn out.  Fortunately, Hydro-Temp has been able to eradicate this problem through the use of an auto purge system, which purges the air out of the closed loop before it enters the pump. 

-Lake or Pond Loop: The lake or pond loop is an available option for those employing a closed loop system.  In this application, a 500 foot roll of high density polyethylene pipe per ton of equipment is tied to cinder blocks and sunk to the bottom of the lake or pond.  Typically, one roll of pipe per ton is needed.  Each roll is tied to a pipe or rail to keep them together and the ties are cut so that they will spread apart.  The recommended depth of the lake will vary, depending upon the location's geology. 

 NOTE:  In general, no one water source is better than another.  When considering a Hydro-Temp unit, the important question to ask is, "Which application is the most practical for me?"

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--Coil Size Options:  For years, Hydro-Temp Corporation has manufactured extremely efficient heating and cooling systems by over-sizing the water and air coils by one size.  For example, if a customer purchased a four ton unit, we installed five ton heat exchangers.  We have since discovered that even greater efficiency can be produced by over-sizing the heat exchangers by two sizes--installing six ton heat exchangers with the four ton unit.  With more surface area on the air coil, there is more heat transfer and dehumidification in the air conditioning mode.  Our standard option provides the customer with heat exchangers that are one ton larger than the unit, while the over-sized option offers heat exchangers that are two tons larger.

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Hot Water Heating Options:

Hydro-Temp systems can efficiently meet your home's hot water needs by employing one of two different options available to the homeowner:

  -Desuperheater:  While heating and cooling, the desuperheater can normally meet the hot water needs of a couple of people for free in the summer and at a very low cost in the winter.  Even if a desuperheater cannot keep up with a home's usage it can assist the hot water tank in efficiently heating the water.

-Priority Hot Water:  The priority hot water heating option is a patented system that works like a desuperheater  except that, once the heating or cooling load from the house is satisfied, the units microprocessor can turn on the system just to heat hot water if needed.  The temperature of the hotwater tank is monitored by a digital aqua stat installed when the system is installed. When the room thermostat later calls for more heating or cooling, the unit will then switch back and heat or cool the home.  The breaker to the hot water tank is turned off as this system will provide 100% of a household's hot water needs. 
Some of the advanced features of the Priority system include the ability to extract heat from the home and put the heat into the hot water tank by turning off the ground loop or well water when cooling for the house is needed at the same time the aqua stat calls for hot water heating.

More water heating tips and drawings.

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Zone Control: Zone control, or dampering of zones, can be accomplished with the addition of a microprocessor control board to the Hydro-Temp system.  The microprocessor is now coming standard on most equipment. Each zone will have its on zone damper and thermostat that hooks directly to the control board inside the Hydro-Temp System.  The control board will then open and close the proper dampers and turn on and off the Hydro-Temp unit.  The control board will allow for some thermostats to call for heat while others can call for cool.  The microprocessor will open the zones calling for heating and turn on the Hydro-Temp system in heat mode.  All zones calling for cool or not calling at all will close their dampers.  When the heating call is satisfied the zones calling for heat will close their dampers and the zones calling for cool will open their dampers and switch the system to cool mode.  (Heating always gets top priority) This allows a 4 zone system to work as if it has 4 units installed.  This set up is ideal for multi-level homes or for separating bedrooms from the rest of the house.  Also used in most commercial buildings and schools.

Zone control is compatible with all other options available to the Hydro-Temp system.
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Electrostatic Air filters: Hydro-Temp Corporation manufactures an electrostatic air filter that actually purifies the air you breathe as it attracts and holds millions of airborne pollutants, such as dust, pollen, mold spores, animal dander, smoke, and household chemicals.  The filter's electrostatically charged fibers are activated by the air passing through them and an added layer of charcoal (available upon request) between the polypropylene fibers is especially effective in removing stubborn odors.  Maintenance for the filter is simple--just snap it out and back wash it periodically to remove build-up.  The electrostatic air filter easily fits into the original filter space of an existing unit, requiring no additional ductwork or wiring.  The filter may be purchased individually or with a new unit. 

|Pricing and Ordering information|

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Variable Speed Blower: Hydro-Temp redefines comfort and efficiency by incorporating GE ECMTM Blower Motor Technology in our equipment. These systems feature: more even temperatures, better indoor air quality, precise humidity control, quieter operation and lower utility bills.

Features and Benefits of the ECM 2.3


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KWH Electric Meter: Every Hydro-Temp system sold comes standard with a KWH meter. This meter is identical to the meter most people read on there house every month for the electric company. This meter is installed just to prove the efficiency of the Hydro-Temp system. You should read this meter once a month when you read your meter for the whole house. Then you can tell exactly how much you are spending on heating and cooling your house and heating your hot water. This is our way of proving to you that the unit will do what we said it would do.

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Digital Thermostats

Hydro-Temp uses several Digital Thermostats to control the Hydro-Temp system.  All thermostats digitally show the room temperature and desired setting.
Most thermostats are programmable to achieve peak efficiency.  Programmable thermostats can be programmed to change the room temperature while you are gone, then reset the temperature when you return. 

A touch screen 7 day programmable thermostat that almost reads your mind is also available, Honeywell's Vision Thermostat is the easiest-to-use thermostat ever - no owner's manual needed. Its intuitive logic responds to your choices and schedule for optimal comfort and energy savings

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Radiant Heating Systems

Over the last couple of years there has been a resurgence in the use of radiant heating to heat homes. Studies have shown time and time again that when radiant heat is available it is the preference of young and old alike because it is the most comfortable type of heat.
In the past if you wanted radiant heat in your home your choice of heating systems was typically some type of fossil fuel boiler. This meant that you had to install a separate system to provide air conditioning.
In 1980, Hydro-Temp was granted a patent for its design of a full condensing on-demand water heating system. This patent enables Hydro-Temp to integrate the traditional forced air systems with one that is suitable for heating large quantities of water. This unit is ideal for applications that want radiant floor heat as well as forced air space conditioning. Using this type of unit generally means dealing with one mechanical contractor to install your heat and air.

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Pool Heaters

Hydro-Temp manufactures pool heaters (commonly referred to as water-to-water systems) that range from one to twenty tons in size.  Instead of using the domestic hot water tank, Hydro-Temp uses the priority coil in the standard heat pump to heat the pool.  This method requires the use of cupronickel heat exchangers and is applied when there is more than one unit.  For example, one unit will have the priority heating option to heat the domestic hot water while the other unit heats the pool when not heating or cooling the house.  There are many options available to the homeowner who decides to employ this type of system.

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Typically used for indoor pool applications, a dehumidifier can be manufactured in sizes ranging from one to twenty tons.  The dehumidifier does not require a loop or well water supply, but does require the owner to have access to the air filters.

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