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Hydro-Temp Corporation Dealer Information

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Hydro-Temp is pleased to present this information about our company and our products to prospective new dealers.  Our objective is to provide dealers with the essentials they need to be successful.  This information not only deals with the equipment we build, but also with how to install equipment properly and closed loops efficiently.  We have also included marketing tips and general business techniques that we have found helpful over the years.  

Our foremost concern is to establish a long-term relationship with our dealers.  Many often search for the elusive "home run" that brings instant success.  While it's exciting when the home run occurs, most of us have to practice and hit a lot of singles before achieving our goals.  Shortsightedness is often the result of poor planning and we at Hydro-Temp adhere to the adage of "plan your work, work your plan."  To sell earth coupled heat pumps, one needs to learn several facts that are not refrigeration related.  For instance, a basic knowledge of fluid dynamics, soil types, loop configurations, and installation techniques are required.  One also needs to learn a little about well water systems and code requirements when dealing with open discharge systems. 

Hydro-Temp has never spent a great deal of money on literature, preferring to invest in advertising through the use of kWh electric meters.  Our units are extremely efficient and, through many years of experience, we know that when a customer sees this documented month after month, he or she will tell friends and neighbors about our product.  For this reason, every unit we sell comes with a kWh meter. 

 Over the last thirteen years, we have also put a lot of money into research and development.  Hydro-Temp received the first patent (1981) for on-demand water heating and the ability to place up to 100% of the waste heat from air conditioning into the hot water tank.  Despite these innovations, we realize that we do not have all the answers and readily accept input from our dealers on how to make our units more efficient and easier to install.

 One of our biggest advantages comes from the fact that we custom-build each unit.    Dealers of heating and cooling equipment often find themselves thinking, "Why did they build it this way when another way would have been much more practical?"  By accepting input from the dealer installing the unit, we are able to optimize a unit's performance by designing it to ease installation and maximize efficiency.

 We are excited about the prospects for earth coupling over the next several years.  With every passing year, more and more people are becoming aware of how efficient these systems are and how little maintenance is required in their upkeep.  Fuel costs are not likely to go down over the next several years, and heating/cooling dealers need to position themselves with the type of equipment consumers are going to be asking for and be knowledgeable enough to sell it.

 If you’re a Hydro-Temp dealer, or interested in becoming one, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

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