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Since 1975 Hydro-Temp has always been grounded to the simple idea that we want to help customers lower their electric bills as much as possible while still being cost effective. Through the years we have led the industry in developing leading edge technology that drives lower energy consumption along with higher comfort levels for home and building owners. Having produced the nations first two stage, three stage, and variable speed geothermal/water source heat pump, we know first hand what it takes to provide the ultimate in comfort along with bills so low its hard to believe.


In 2013 Hydro-Temp was pleased to announce that the VStar Series variable capacity product line had been ENERGY STAR rated and came back to have the highest rated EER of any closed loop ground source heat pump ever certified. For a smaller manufacturer like ourself we recognize that one of the main reasons behind this huge achievement was that we had provided electric KWH usage meters on over 99% of our residential units since 1975. The data we received in doing this was invaluable in tweaking the design philosophy that goes into every product we build here at Hydro-Temp, we feel strongly that this is a major reason why many of our products are some of the most efficient systems you can find on the market anywhere.


While achieving these ultra high efficiency ratings with Energy Star has always been very important to us, we are much more concerned that these lab test results translate into the lowest possible energy bills for our customers in the "real world".  To us it comes down to the simple fact that who cares if you have the highest EER in the world if that doesn't translate into extremely low bills for our customers. That is why we like to put our money where our mouth is and provide a free power meter with every new residential unit, this way homeowners know exactly how much energy their Hydro-Temp system uses. The simple fact is that the proof is in the meter!


As an upgrade we can provide a low cost "remote" metering device that connects to a homes internet and provides "live and/or historical" energy consumption of a geothermal unit all from your phone, tablet, or computer.  This energy usage information can be stored for up to 10 years and allows a home or building owner to have a detailed hourly, daily, monthly, or even yearly "history" of a units electrical usage. When provided access by the homeowner, an HVAC dealer can also monitor the units energy usage. This can be a very useful diagnostic tool that would allow a dealer to periodically check your systems electrical usage, which enables them to know the unit is performing as it should. Homeowners interested in having disaggregated energy consumption data on all of the circuits in their home can have that functionality with the purchase of add-on modules to the remote metering device. Dealers who choose to install the remote meters on multiple geothermal installations can even have the ability to view all of their installed metering devices through a simple web based interface that is easy to use.


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