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Marion Junior High School

Marion, Arkansas

But what exactly does it mean to be a "Zero-Energy Ready School Building"?


The federal government recognizes "Zero Energy Ready" school buildings as facilities that operate at 25 kBtu/sq. ft/ year or less, and for which the infrastructure for future renewable energy sources has been incorporated into the design and/or construction.


Achieving a Zero-Energy Ready School Building


One of the keys to Marion Junior High School achieving what is considered a "Net-Zero Ready school building was its integrated building design. The district hired Pat Magruder and his firm PKM Architects, who have been leaders in efficient building design for the area, to design such a high-performing school. While the building itself is a typical 850-student school with classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, and other common areas, most features about it are very unique and functional. For instance school administrators chose to implement a state-of-the-art Hydro-Temp Geothermal HVAC system  equipped with a patented hot water generation system. This system uses a naturally sustainable energy source, the ground, to heat, cool and provide 100% of the buildings hot water free of charge, thus taking away the need for conventional water heaters and the operating costs associated with them.


Good Planning with Sustainable Results


When superintendent Don Johnston and deputy superintendent Jeff Altemus set out to deign this cutting-edge facility they had several key goals in mind. They wanted to provide a comfortable space students and teachers alike, that would not only be a environmentally responsible building with low maintenance and operating costs as well. Through the process they were able to achieve all of their goals and as a by-product provided a building that is significant to their community and inspires great pride among its residents!


Building Features:


-Geothermal HVAC

-Geothermal Hot Water Generation System

-Daylight Harvesting

-Sun Control Louvers

-State-of-the-art Computer Network

-State-of-the-art Building Automation System

-21st Century Teaching and Learning Tools

-Excellent Thermal Envelope

-Coated Glass

-2" Sprayed Foam Wall Insulation

-Low Maintenance Building Materials

-Occupancy Sensing Light Fixtures

-State-of-the-art Kitchen



Total Square Footage: 194,082


Energy Use Intensity: 22kBtu's / sq.ft. / year

National Average Usage: 73kBtu's / sq.ft. / year


Designed Capacity: 850 Students

Dining Room Capacity: 425 Seats

Arena Capacity: 2,500 Students


School has attained Energy Star Certification


Project Team:

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