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Hydro-Temp Earth Coupled Heat Pumps are designed to offer year round comfort and high efficiency performance under almost any design condition.  In addition, they provide the homeowner, business owner or school with a savings of up to 60% in winter heating cost, while reducing summer cooling cost by as much as 45%.  They can also provide hot water for a normal household free of cost during the summer and at a very low cost in the winter.


The Hydro-Temp system is a down-to-earth heating, cooling, and hot water system designed to tap the earth's stored energy.  The geothermal energy located beneath the earth's surface is ideal for heating and cooling since its temperature remains the same year round, regardless of outside air temperature extremes.  At a depth of six feet or more, the ground is warmer than the outside air in the winter and cooler in the summer.  This allows the energy efficiency of a Hydro-Temp Earth Coupled Heat Pump to remain high regardless of the season.  This reduces your energy consumption and energy bills day after day, month after month.


Hydro-Temp units provide optimum performance, dependable service, high efficiency, and much more.  Custom built to meet the specific requirements of your home and family, they ensure that you enjoy the ultimate in comfort.  Air temperatures remain even throughout the home and humidity is usually "just right"--low in the summer, comfortable in the winter.  With the addition of a Hydro-Temp electrostatic air filter, the system can actually improve the air quality of your home. 


Innovative options such as on-demand hot water heating, three stage units that utilize dual compressors, zone dampering, radiant floor heating, dehumidification, pool heating, and driveway de-icing open up a new world of possibilities for builders and business owners, as well as homeowners.


What makes Hydro-Temp systems more efficient?


After cooking with a skillet, have you ever noticed how long it takes to cool down?  It can take ten to fifteen minutes, unless it is submersed in cold water.  This is because water absorbs heat more readily than air does.  We apply this same principle to our automobiles; almost every brand of automobile on the market today has a water-cooled, instead of an air-cooled, engine.  Hydro-Temp has applied this simple fact to the design of our heating and cooling systems, where our biggest advantage comes from the consistent temperature of the earth at a depth of six feet or more. 

We see the customer's backyard as a natural resource capable of providing the home's heating and cooling needs.  A Hydro-Temp system uses a compressor and refrigerant much like a conventional heat and air system does.  When a conventional heating and cooling system is used, the unwanted heat is transferred from the house to the refrigerant.  The refrigerant is then pumped to an outside air coil where it cools back down before the cycle starts again.  The difference between Hydro-Temp and a conventional system is that we do not use hot outside air to cool the refrigerant.  Instead, we use the cool temperature of the groundwater.  The result is an excellent heat exchange that provides very high efficiencies and prolongs the life of the compressor.


While most people understand how their home can be air conditioned through the use of 50 degree groundwater, many wonder how it can heat the home.  It is simply a matter of moving heat.  After the cooling season, the flow of refrigerant is reversed.  While in the heating mode the refrigerant is compressed and becomes hot.  As it comes out of the compressor, this hot refrigerant is then passed through a fan coil that blows heat into the home.  The hot refrigerant then goes through an expansion valve that allows the refrigerant to expand and become very cold in the process (approximately -40 degrees Fahrenheit).  Heat is transferred from the warm ground temperature water to a very cold refrigerant, which then goes through the compressor and begins the process again. 


The ground temperature water or heat transfer fluid can come from any number of sources.  For example:


--An existing water well can be used so that water is pumped through the Hydro-Temp unit at a rate regulated by the system (normally 1 GPM per ton) and is then dumped back into the ground at a return well.

--A water/antifreeze fluid mixture can re-circulate through the system and be cooled in the earth coupled closed loop buried horizontally in your yard.

--If space is a problem, a closed loop can be installed vertically.  This is typically drilled by a well driller.


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