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Hydro-Temp began in 1975 with a very simple idea "I think we could do this better." With that thought, Mike Jones began Hydro-Temp to compliment his young mechanical contracting firm called the Air Flo Company. With encouragement from friends, family, colleagues and others, Mike applied for and was granted a United States Patent for the process he invented that opened the door to some major innovations in the refrigeration industry and made the process of heating hot water more efficiently than ever before.


This patent was awarded because of the unit's ability to transfer 100% of a buildings unwanted heat (during the cooling cycle) into the buildings hot water tanks.  During the past 40 years we learned in many cases we could produce 100% of a buildings hot water at no cost during the summer and at a very low cost in the winter.  In order for this to occur it is important that our priority water heating system be installed on a unit that does a lot of cooling, during both summer and winter.  Normally a unit that provides heating and cooling for a kitchen or an internal area of the building will work best.  If  hot water heating is needed when no cooling is being done that’s also okay.  Our patented priority system will turn itself on in the water-heating mode and produce hot water at approximately one fourth of the normal cost of heating water. It is only recently that other manufacturers have devised ways to capture the energy that many heating and air conditioning units simply waste.


Innovation has been what has set Hydro-Temp apart along the way. That is why we continue to lead the geothermal industry forward even today. Listed below are some of Hydro-Temp "firsts":


-First Unit with full condensing hot water recovery

-First "Two-Speed" Geothermal Unit on the Market

-First "Multi-Stage" Geothermal Unit on the Market

-First Geothermal Unit with a "Integrated Zoning System"

-First "Variable Speed" Geothermal Unit on the Market


Hydro-Temp has worked with many utility companies all over the United States. The company has been involved in research-related projects with organizations such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, The Electric Power Research Institute, and The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association as well as state wide organizations like Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Associated Electric Cooperative in Missouri, and Western Massachusetts Electric. As a manufacturer of earth coupled heat pumps, Hydro-Temp Corporation has dealers and distributors throughout the United States. Hydro-Temp’s sister company, Air-Flo Company, is a licensed mechanical contractor in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.






Hydro-Temp is constantly “custom building” new and unique units for its customers across the United States. Many of these new units are not shown on this website. If you have a unique application, there is a good chance we have already built a unit similar to what you need. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss your application with you.



"With a world wide push for people to be more energy conscious, who knows what the next first for Hydro-Temp will be."


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