Thermocon Insulation

ThermoCon, Inc. introduces an environmentally sound recycled cellulose (wood fiber) insulation that eliminates most dust and settling and forms a "seal" over your attic and around your house. ThermoForm Cellulose contains no irritating, abrasive, airborne, glass fiber particles. Choose ThermoForm for peace of mind regarding your indoor air quality.

Cellulose insulation in your home will produce the following benefits:

Lower Heating and Cooling Cost
A More Comfortable Home
A Safer Home
Increased Peace of Mind


Your monthly energy bills will be lower. According to the latest comparison testing on identical buildings, cellulose insulated buildings used 20% less energy than fiber-glass when insulated to the same R-Value.
Fiber-glass can lose up to 42% of its insulating value under cold winter conditions. Cellulose maintains it thermal performance under identical conditions.
You will have lower cost in heating and cooling equipment because you will be able to use smaller capacity equipment. Also, the life of your heating and cooling equipment will be extended.
With ThermoForm there is less air movement when compared with fiber-glass


A more constant room temperature.
Less air infiltration (fewer drafts).
A quieter home (less sound transfer than that through normal fiber-glass).


ThermoForm eliminates the possible carcinogenic threat associated with fiber-glass or mineral wool insulation. There is no need for a cancer warning label on ThermoForm insulation as there is on fiber-glass.
ThermoForm contains no glass slivers or particles that may circulate in the air.


ThermoForm carries a full warranty of actual installed "R" Value. Of course the insulation must be installed according to manufacturer's directions.
ThermoForm contains safe, natural, cellulose fibers that come from wood pulp.
ThermoForm is an insulation that will maintain its integrity throughout its life, because of the stabilized system.

ThermoCon, Inc. has been a leader in insulation technology for over 15 years. With a staff of top personnel representing over 80 years experience in insulation, some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry work as a team to produce the highest quality insulation available to you.
In regards to the environment, ThermoCon, Inc. has been at the forefront in an effort to recycle and reuse natural resources. Every year ThermoCon, Inc. works with Boy Scout troops, churches, schools and civic groups to collect newspapers. ThermoCon turns thousands of tons of old newspapers into high quality cellulose insulation. This conserves energy and saves homeowners money.

Below is a picture of the walls in a home being insulated with ThermoCon. The insulation is sprayed with water that activates the powder glue mixed with the insulation. Normally the sheet rock can be hung over the insulation with in a few hours.

This picture shows spray on insulation being sprayed on to the ceiling of a metal building.  Walls, ceilings and all cracks should be filled to properly insulate a building.

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